Frequently Asked Questions


Hello, and welcome to the NEW, part of the PPCGeeks Family. In mid 2010, Conflipper (Former host of Shipped ROMs), was given a cease-and-desist order from HTC, the company behind of many of the phones that the ROMs hosted here are for. Following this, Conflipper entered a legal battle between HTC to continue hosting the ROMs. Meanwhile, he intended to keep the server up to allow people to continue download past, present, and future ROMs from the site - however the costs became too great. In turn, we here at PPCGeeks have stepped in. We took over Shipped ROMs (With Conflipper’s agreement and approval) and now maintain it, as well as have upgraded it in various ways. Below is a list of commonly asked questions about the change in ownership:

  1. What Happened to Conflipper? Conflipper has officially announced his retirement from the ROM development, as well as ceased support of this website. This is due to a variety of issues for which he's asked us to remain at non disclosure.
  2. Now Who Owns It? Shipped ROMs is officially a part of the Family, and is as much a part of our site now as any other. PPCGeeks is a part of Infitech Incorporated (Which in reality is merely the business name PPCGeeks was filed under when created by Wideawake back in 2006).
  3. What’s With The New Look? After acquiring Shipped ROMs and the ROM Directory, we redesigned the site so it’d run on a faster server, with a new design that’d be easy to navigate and download from. We also have begun a new theme and upload script as it will be eventually rolled into PPCGeeks’ main site.
  4. Why Can’t I Directly Download? In order to support the server in the form of advertising for each download, in order to allow people to see the change in ownership and understand why this has happened, as well as to allow future opportunities (such as ROM chefs to have their own personal pages for their ROMs, which is a plan for the site in the near future).
  5. Why the Ads? A big reason why Shipped ROMs had trouble keeping up in the past was because it was only supported by Conflipper’s own money, minus the few donations he'd get. With advertising we can maintain the expensive server (an American 1 Gbps Server) and keep the wheels turning. It’s a small sacrifice in a couple ads in return for long term uptime and benefits in the future, including ROM, Chef, and Software Opportunities.
  6. Are You Going to Privatize Shipped ROMS (Or Make it Exclusive In Any Way?) In short, NO. It’s illegal to host ROMs on a pay-per-view or membership basis, as well as unethical and unfair. ROM development is a team effort and we here at PPCGeeks support ROM development as it advances the community and helps us. (We use phones with Custom ROMs too!) Hence why we will never prevent people from accessing our files here in any way shape or form.
  7. I Want to Host my ROM/Software/Content Here! At this time we are starting a preliminary program for developers in the mobile community in good standing. If you’d like to learn more, please email Joshua Sherman about your content and your interest.
  8. I Have a Question Not Answered Here! Or I Want To Learn More! Since there’s so much on people’s minds with the recent acquiring of Shipped ROMs, and probably things left out here - we welcome you to email us your comments, questions, and more about the NEW Shipped ROMs.